Project Name: Westin Crystal City

Project Location: Arlington, VA

Design Firm: Kay Lang of Kay Lang + Associates

Photo Credit: Jason Dewey of Kay Lang + Associates

Westin Crystal City

Wrapped up in the political atmosphere and attractions that surround our nation’s capital is The Westin Crystal City hotel located in Arlington, Virginia. In 2014, Westin expanded its presence in Arlington with the acquisition and extensive renovation of a Sheraton Hotel in hopes of revitalizing one of the largest local downtown areas. Design firm Kay Lang + Associates assisted with the renovation, and Ms. Lang called upon Littman Brands Contract to help create and execute a comprehensive custom order for the hotel’s main common areas. “One of the reasons why I chose Littman Brands Contract was because they fit within the brand and budget – a nice balance of quality and value,” said Lang.

The renovation’s imperative was to update the property, transforming the facilities into an on-brand Westin hotel by incorporating their standards and contemporary design aesthetic. Since the entrance lobby is the first impression any hotel makes on its potential guests, the design firm and Westin put considerable focus on this key space. “We designed the space so that when you first walk in, the bar and lounge would be front-and-center,” said Lang. A crucial element in the design is Westin’s Nutrio Restaurant and Bar. A complete redesign of the building moved the bar from the periphery to a prominent location facing the entryway of the hotel. In order to create a warmth and glow as you enter the space, Lang wanted to incorporate a statement piece to position over the bar. “When conceptualizing the custom piece above the bar, we designed the acrylic to be constructed in different tones and textures in order to create a dynamic, architectural feel,” stated Lang.

Located in the lobby is a small atrium that extends to the second floor; Lang worked with Littman Brands Contract to create three custom fixtures that would bridge the gap between floors while maintaining a contemporary style. The fixtures are constructed of a square frame in a light-toned acrylic with metal accent connectors, matching the sleek, linear design of the interior. Adding to this careful attention to design unity are custom-designed wall sconces we created for the project, extending throughout the main floor. To provide continuity with the lobby and restaurant pendants, the shade is constructed of the same light-toned acrylic. The rectangular back plate has a Polished Chrome finish which acts as a mirror, reflecting the interior of the hotel.

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